Rebel Network Expands at 151 Front Street

Mississauga Ontario, July 10, 2015: Rebel Networks today announced that it expanded the facility at 151 Front Street, West Toronto. Rebel Network   added 50 Dell Services for use with expanding the cloud environment, as well as to meet the demand of dedicated and managed server customer demands. Domenic Macchione CEO of Rebel Networks stated “We […]

Rebel Networks Supports Minor youth Sports

Sponsorships, and donations given out to various youth sports teams Mississauga Ontario, June 26, 2015: Rebel Networks is proud to support youth sports, and to give back to the community. This year the company has already provided thousands of dollars to youth soccer teams, hockey teams, and will now expand to support other youth athletics. […]

Does your site need a dedicated IP?

A Web site hosted with a “dedicated IP” never changes location. The advantages of having a dedicated IP number is that dedicated IP’s tend to lend themselves much better to advanced web development, A Web site hosted with a “dedicated IP” never changes location. The advantages of having a dedicated IP number is that dedicated […]

Dishan Francis, named Microsoft MVP!

  Dishan Melroy Francis is a technology consultant at Rebelnetworks Inc. with 10+ years experience in the planning, design, and implementation of network technologies. Background includes hands-on experience with multi-platform, LAN/WAN environments. Demonstrated record of success in troubleshooting Servers, increasing efficiency, and optimizing the access and utilization of shared information. Specialist in extending technology services […]

Dropbox or SugarSYNC Alternative – Introducing SyncBLAZE

Access, Sync and Share your data, under your control! Rebel Syncblaze is a hosted file sync and File share server. It provides access to your data through a web interface, sync clients or WebDAV while providing a platform to view, sync and share across devices easily—all under your control. The data stays in Canada, (Canada […]

Canada Cloud

For Applications delivered as service, anywhere, on any device, on demand. Rebel Networks  helps software developers, Coders,  and businesses deliver applications via the cloud easily with our Citrix Hosting services. Our Cloud based XenApp solutions are perfect when you have a need for applications that require anytime anywhere access, or when your applications need cloud […]

Can you Web Site or Servers afford downtime?

Industry … indicate that Internet … can loose on average about $15,000 for every hour of … This figure combines the cost of repairs with the cost of lost . Industry estimates indicate that Internet businesses can loose on average about $15,000 for every hour of downtime. This figure combines the cost of repairs with […]

Rebel Networks Partners with QuoteCOLO

QuoteColo is proud to announce that we are now offering direct hosting quotes from Rebel Networks at 151 Front Street, Canada’s largest telecommunication hotel. Rebel Networks offers cloud hosting, dedicated servers and colocation services to all types of companies looking for a presence in the greater Toronto area. Colocation options start at per U up […]

Cloud Back up with StorageGRID

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Our StorageGRID Solutions. Flexible backup solution that works with your existing hardware, regardless of your OS Provides lean mean client storage for laptops and desktops that do not require heavy duty backup or restore Can be deployed in multiple modes— Hosted Online Backup, Trusted Peer to Peer Backup, […]

Will you be ready when your office file server crashes?

Lets face it, its not IF but WHEN your office file server dies and when it does, will you be able to restore it and lose no data?

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