Cloud & VPS Hosting

Any hosting plan will undoubtedly get you started, but beyond that, it’s important to know the differences when choosing Cloud & VPS Hosting.
We can support a traditional Cloud where the OS is on one of the Servers and the data is stored in our Storage Arrays, or on a Cloud VPS Server or a Cloud Dedicated Server. You will definitely see a difference when you look at the price tag, so understanding what Cloud & VPS Hosting are will help you in your quest to determine the best option for you or your company. Although everything works flawlessly, each has different costs, different advantages, and different limitations. Below you’ll see a comparison of VPS Hosting vs Cloud Hosting to help you make that decision.

cloud vs vps

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting provides similar functionality to VPS but the resources are on-demand. Cloud Hosting instantly scales based on your resource usage and bills accordingly.

Server resource utilization is monitored for:

Control, Customization & Security

Benefits of Cloud Hosting minute billing:

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting provides a web-based hosted virtual machine emulating a private web server. VPS Hosting provides a quickly scalable solution based on purchased VPS resources.

Purchased resources include:

Control, Customization & Security

Benefits of VPS Hosting monthly billing: