Cloud File Server

Our Cloud File Storage acts a local File Server as if it was local.
The File Server backs up local machines and allows users to share files.

What is a Cloud File Storage?

 A Cloud File Server is a method for storing all types of data in the data center or CLOUD and has the compatibility of making the file storage compatible and available throughout the network and users. Our SyncBlaze File Server allows the sharing of files and data simultaneously with multiple users or groups. Security is managed by various levels of user permission and administrators have the ability to enable tight control access to the share the information of data.

Benefits of a Cloud File Server

More than just a Cloud File Server / File Storage

SyncBlaze, our Cloud File server allows companies to share and collaborate on documents, send and receive emails, as well as manage calendars and have video chats without data leaks. Rebel Networks SyncBlaze Powered By Nextcloud opensource, has taken the opensource and without technology team are able to provide the best experience and support.

Designed to be Compliant

SyncBlaze Cloud File Server is based on Nextcloud, and are designed with compliance, extensive data enforcements, encryption, user management, auditing and meets compliant regulations


Healthcare and HIPAA

Patient safety is the highest priority at health care and life science institutions. Nextcloud makes patient information available to healthcare professionals when they need it through an easy-to-use interface with the highest degree of reliability, security and privacy at reasonable cost.

GDPR Compliance Kit

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) makes organizations liable for any violations of user privacy and deviations from a high data security standard. Legislation like the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018) brings similar regulation to other countries. The self-hosted Nextcloud solution simplifies compliance, decreasing business risk and costs.
auditing capabilities

Auditing Capabalities

With your file sync and share solution central to the productivity of hundreds, thousands or even millions of users it is crucial to have an overview of its performance and service. Your users want to know what is happening to their files. And last but not least, so does your legal department! Nextcloud has your back with our Server Information, Activities and Auditing apps.
file access control

File Access Control

Build automated flows
Flow makes it easy to automate repetitive, boring tasks and build efficient team collaboration workflows.
Protect and retire data
Advanced file access control and retention capabilities enable IT to block unauthorized access and ensure files are retired in time.
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