Active Directory in the Cloud

Rebel Networks high availability and Secure Microsoft active directory; hosted in the cloud!

Features and Benefits

True AD domain

Don’t worry about compatibility issues as our service is a true Microsoft Active Directory domain control. Working with proper DNS we enable automatic domain discovery making your team’s IT support a lot less.

Multi-region Support

Your main office and your branch offices can deploy cloud-based workloads with applications or VMs.

Multi-region Support

Let your IT team focus on more important tasks, while our team handles any patches, firewall, and configuration tweaks.

Hybrid Available

Rebel Networks can offer you a hybrid approach to Active Directory, we can create our data center as the fail-over, or use your main office as a fail-over. The solution will be customized to your needs.

Moving from on-premise to Cloud-based Active Directory requires planning, and not every company is the same. Reach out to one of the experts and we will follow up and discuss a solution that is tailored to meet your needs.

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