Many possibilities with Dedicated Servers

Dedicated ServersDedicated Servers are exactly what they sound like—servers that are dedicated just to you.

Unlike many other companies who offer clone desktops as servers, we use Dell Servers running Intel Chipsets. We made the decision long ago not to be the cheap, low cost provider, because we didn’t want the extra support tickets and hassles that causes. Instead we choose to build our dedicated server facility using state of the art DELL equipment, with our Dell Suppliers all local, a big help in replacing any failed server quickly.


What makes Dell products so unique?


For starters, they feature high-end processing and incredible productivity. Within a virtual environment, databases run on a platform that’s created on hardware for enterprises. However, it doesn’t end there. Add in great web hosting and top of the line customer service from Rebel Networks, and power meets reliability. Dell dedicated servers are just part of the perfect cocktail, albeit one of the most important aspects.


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