Dedicated Servers

When you want to control, dedicated resources, and you do not want to share, dedicated servers are what your business needs. We understand the data and resource challenges some businesses face. Although cloud computing is great for many yet maybe you just want to run on your own. We have dedicated servers all powered by Dell. We do not cut corners in our hardware for dedicated servers.

For starters, they feature high-end processing and incredible productivity. Within a virtual environment, databases run on a platform that’s created on hardware for enterprises. However, it doesn’t end there. Add in great web hosting and top of the line customer service from Rebel Networks, and power meets reliability. Dell dedicated servers are just part of the perfect cocktail, albeit one of the most important aspects.

Entry Level

Entry level servers sill pack a punch. You have a choice of SAS or SSD drives, choice of OS and still get 24 | 7 | 365 support if you need it. The cost effective solutions are great for high volume entry level e-commerce websites.

Entry Level

Starting at $329/month

Performance Servers

Need a bigger punch, the performance servers are designed with performance in mind, with a choice of up to 4 x 8 core CPU, up to 256Gb Ram, choice of OS, as well as ability to plug into our portal to quickly rebuild the OS, monitor bandwidth, check resources. This is more for less.

High Performance Servers

You can choose between our Starter and Mid Core
Starting at $329/month

Big Data Savers

Data is a company fuel, and without data storage your tank is small. The Big Data server can come with 12 x 4Tb Drives giving plenty of storage for your company data Fuel. Furthermore, management of the various OS choices and the ability to rebuild is easy with

Big Data Savers

Premium Dell Servers with any Custom Configuration.
Starting at $149/month

Why Choose Rebel Networks for your Dedicated Hosting Needs?

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no contract

Our offerings are month-to-month!

All our servers include 10TB of bandwidth