Private Cloud



private cloud

The Private Cloud is a concept of cloud computing based on the creation of a virtual environment, owned or distributed dynamically in any application that requires a power of a large number of real server resources.

The biggest advantage of the Private Cloud is 100% redundancy and almost unlimited capacity of resources in the cloud. This cannot be matched by a separate server. Some applications in your IT portfolio may not be a good fit to move to the public cloud. If you’ve looked at private clouds, or have tried to build your own. You know there are often significant drawbacks to these solutions, especially when you compare them to full-featured public clouds.

We can help to build a private cloud based on your requirements. Give us a call!

private cloud

Rebel Networks Public Cloud is shared with other customers and follows our security protocols, in a Private Cloud, you are the only customer on the hardware specifically designed for your needs. Security is now exclusive to your company