Is Your Business Ready
to be Connected?

Cloud Hosting

Shared / Dedicated / VPS / Cloud

We have a hosting solution tailored to your business, no matter how small or large your requirement. You also will not need a calculator to figure out your monthly billing!

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Remote Employee Solutions

From the Road or Home connected

We offer security solutions to have your employees access corporate applications from the road or home offices. Stay Connected, Stay Secured!

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Managed Hosting Services

We are leaders in the hosting sector

We offer many managed hosting solutions, so you can run your business without the worry of technology. Shift your business to get it ready for the future.

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VPN Services

Corporate Solution with Reporting

Working remote and connecting to corporate data needs A Virtual Private Network. Our solution protects your business and employees.

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Video Meeting and Conference solutions

We have secure encryption, secure video conference solutions for businesses and educators

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We have a team of web developers and coders

We can web coders custom applications, or build a simple WordPress website

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Cloud Based CRM

We can host and customize open source CRM/ERP in our environment for your specific business needs

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Beyond Regular Hosting

Accounting Systems
in the cloud

We can host Desktop Quickbooks, or other accounting applications, and make them available to everyone regardless of their location. Our data center @ 151 Front is connected to global providers

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Microsoft in our Data Center Cloud

We offer Hosted Exchange, as well as hosted Active Directory in the cloud. We enable Microsoft solutions through our networks and host those applications in our data center

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Leaders in Managed Hosting Services since 2004

Over 15 years in hosting, winner of many awards, Microsoft partner, Citrix Partner, cPanel NOC partner, and your trusted hosting partner

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