The term “control panel” refers to a piece of server software that gives your server an interface that is easy to use. Control panels for web hosting provide an easy-to-use, web-based interface that allows server owners and website owners the ability to control servers and websites.

Control Panels are installed in conjunction with operating systems to create a web hosting platform. Operating systems provide the essential software needed to interact with the hardware. Control panels are installed as software on the operating system and provide a functional, graphical interface designed specifically to help web hosting providers make the most of their servers. In the web hosting world, the control panel installs the software needed to provide web hosting services. Without them, you would need to have extensive expertise in server administration to complete even the most basic tasks, and even then, it would be tedious and unsustainable.

The control panel software helps with accomplishing these essential tasks and administering the critical components of web hosting services. It is not a replacement for an administrator. Someone still needs to know enough about the environment to select the services and configuration options. A web hosting control panel can assist a new server owner in learning about the options available to them, while also making it easy for an experienced administrator to configure their servers. most cultures.

Server owners and systems administrators are focused on higher-level tasks that include managing services that affect the entire server. For instance, web services are, out of the box, handled by an important piece of software called Apache. However, there are other options, like Litespeed. The server owner is able to make the decision on whether their environment would benefit from using Litespeed, or if they’re better off staying with Apache. Executing that change, if the time comes, is an extremely simple task when using a control panel like cPanel & WHM. For website owners, the control panel provides them the ability to manage the many options available at the account level. For instance, if the server owner decides to allow each website owner to have ten email accounts, the control panel keeps track of how many email accounts are already used and provides an easy way for the website owner to add, remove, and manage them. The result is that control panels make it easier to house multiple websites on a single server with the least amount of effort.


High on the list of almost every customer’s most important areas is security. Everyone wants to know that their data is secure and that their communications can be held in the strictest confidence. We have listed a few of the security features that are often appreciated by those web hosts and customers that want to be sure that their server and data are safe:

  • Automatic and freely available SSL certificates
  • Built-in two-factor authentication
  • ModSecurity tools and custom vendor support
  • An automated Security Advisor to provide recommendations

Any control panel that is worth its salt should include access to a database. cPanel & WHM offers two database programs that can be used by the server’s accounts at the same time. They are:

  • MySQL or MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL

Mail management and functionality have always been one of the most important features to customers of a typical web host. cPanel has recognized this and has provided a robust set of features to help these customers get the most out of using their email services. Some of the features that help make this happen can be found below:

  • Email Filters
  • Control every detail about the way that your incoming and outgoing mail is handled.
  • Spam Control and Spam ‘Learning’ Keep your accounts’ email inboxes from getting inundated with spam.
  • Mail Queue Management Keep a close eye on your mail server’s activity, and catch problems before they start.
  • Email Deliverability Testing
  • Find out the source of those dreaded “I can’t send email to somebody” situations by using Email Deliverability to determine where the issue lies.


cPanel is definitely not free as it is a third-party application being offered by web hosting providers. Although sometimes, some providers include cPanel in their hosting plans at no extra cost. In Rebel Networks, cPanel services are being offered at a very reasonable cost depending on the customer’s requirements.