ASP, SaaS, All the BUZZ around Software as a Service . now CLOUD!

It is important to know the exact meaning and working of ASP hosting to reap its maximum benefits. One of the ways of distributing and selling software on the web is through ASP. ASP is basically the acronym for application service provider. Once you get to know the exact working of ASP you will be able to make the choice for your specific needs.

There are many companies known as ASP because of the way they run their operations. Examples are Amazon, Epinions and Ebay. Though these services do not actually have to provide software solutions, they do provide them; and this is why these services are considered to be ASP services.

There are many features that lie common to all the ASP services. One of them is that the ASP is the service that owns and operates the software solution. This is the reason these services can afford to keep prices low for customers of the service. They are also responsible for owning, operating and maintaining the servers using these software applications. Of course, individuals are employed to maintain these software applications. The main service these ASP services provide is easy access of the software, via internet, for people from all around the world.

The ASP services either charge a per usage charge of the ASP service; while some charge a monthly or annual fees for use of the ASP service. There are even a few rare cases of the ASP services providing the user free use of the ASP hosting. On the contrary, it is also rather difficult for the ASP service to find customers who pay for the use of the ASP service!

As there are many ASP services offering their services, there are some
points that have to be taken into consideration when choosing the right ASP service for your needs. The main point to take into consideration is the fit of the company and its application. Once this is decided, the price, quality and the amount of time needed to set things up will help you make the right choice for the right ASP service. There is bound to be an ASP service out there on the web that can fit to your hosting needs in one way or the other!