Cloud Back up with StorageGRID

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Our StorageGRID Solutions.

    1. Flexible backup solution that works with your existing hardware, regardless of your OS
    2. Provides lean mean client storage for laptops and desktops that do not require heavy duty backup or restore
    3. Can be deployed in multiple modes— Hosted Online Backup, Trusted Peer to Peer Backup, and typical Client-Server deployments
    4. Provides broad platform support and works well with all types of operating systems
    5. Supports all types of Virtual platform backup and restore – great for IT pros
    6. Easy to install and use – even novice users can install agent, backup, or restore data without the help of system administrators
    7. Allows centralized administration of backup and restore from a Browser-Based Web Console by the client
    8. Facilitates backup scheduling and configuration of backup windows
    9. Interrupted backups are automatically resumed on restoration of connectivity or restarting of the computer
    10. Bare metal disaster recovery with multi-mode replication of data both locally and remotely
    11. Blowfish Encryption (192 DES) that allows user defined encryption keys
    12. Automatic incremental backup and compression that saves on disk space and bandwidth
    13. Up to 99 versions of a file or folder can be saved in backup
    14. Backup for open files and Synthetic full backup (Single folder backup for large files/folder in a backup set)
    15. Provisions for Bandwidth throttling during backup to remote server
    16. Pay as you go pricing with no long term contracts
    17. Always free support
    18. State-of-the-art alarm and event management system (Event is an action that is usually initiated outside the scope of a program and is handled by a piece of code inside the program)
    19. Advanced reporting system
    20. Scalable architecture that seamlessly integrates with third party technologies

So what you are waiting for – don’t wait for a crash – contact us today!