Office 365 vs. Hosted Exchange

As a user of technology, it is always an important thing to remember that not all technological hosts are the same, and thus there is usually going to be one host that will be better than the other. However, Office 365 is part of Microsoft and thus makes it very difficult to compare it to all the other hosted exchanges that are out there.

Although they cannot be easily compared there are numerous differences that do stand out between Office 365 and Host Exchange. Firstly, Office 365 has the upper hand because it is created by Microsoft meaning it is developed and developed by Microsoft, which is means that it is provided by its host and developer. This means that Office 365 has no third parting hosting service providers and Microsoft is always developing new and updated products which put the Office ahead of the competition.

There are several other reasons for a user to choose Office 365 by Microsoft over a Hosted Exchange. The office offers better communication and helps the user keep in touch with other users. It is possible to access Office 365 from anywhere and from any device and this makes accessibility a bonus. For businesses there is an increase in productivity because business partners can easily communicate and get the work done at an increased rate, the office 365 is also very good for the appearance of your business. Another major advantage for Office 365 users that have a business is that they can easily maintain a good relationship with their customers because you are always keeping track of your emails. There are other tools offered by Office 365 such as SharePoint capability and rights to the Microsoft Office applications

This information doesn’t blacklist hosted exchange networks, both the Microsoft exchange and normal Hosted exchanges are good for businesses to use.